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Become a STEP FORWARD Solutions Provider

Your Expertise is Needed
Many small to medium-sized enterprises and not-for-profit organizations have something in common:

  • They settle for “shrink-wrap” software solutions, because they have not found any cost-justifiable alternatives. But are they satisfied?
  • Ask management what they need in order to obtain more accurate and meaningful information, and you will most likely receive a litany of complaints about their existing systems instead. This will often range from limited functionality, special features that can’t be obtained, lacking ease of use, or whatever.
  • Their Vision is often formulated around their perceived resources which are usually inadequate. These shortcomings include but are not restricted to financial and human resources, and information systems.
  • Business processes have been structured around system constraints rather than building systems attuned to the Vision.

You can help address these needs. Gestalt has created STEP FORWARD Solutions Inc. as an associated company to offer independent consultants with a structure that allows them to become truly interdependent. Membership is free and is available to qualifying consultants who have demonstrated that they have the capacity to develop quality STEP FORWARD-based solutions for their clients.

So what does it take?
Simply download STEP FORWARD and train yourself, or you can contact us for assistance.

Become a Gestalt Enterprise Therapist™

STEP FORWARD Solutions Providers may also qualify to become Gestalt Enterprise Therapists™. There is a profound difference. A solutions provider is often restricted to a very narrow focus by simply implementing a predefined requirement. A Gestalt Enterprise Therapist, however, not only assists in defining the requirements but may become a Catalytic Mentor to management as well, thereby impacting the organization as a whole.

Is it recommended? Yes, man is a unique individual being – so is an organization. Both must be treated as such; however, the very nature of an organization depends upon the harmonious inter-relationship of the individuals making up the organization who must, collectively and actively, seek to achieve the stated objectives of the organization.

Catalytic Mentoring™ brings balance by assuring that the core elements of the individuals and those of the organization are the vital components of a harmonized, interactive whole which, in turn, will be profitable and rewarding to the organization as well as to each and every one of its individuals.

Join Us
Gestalt Corporation is in the process of establishing a network of Gestalt Enterprise Therapists to provide a full range of Gestalt Enterprise Therapy™ through Catalytic Mentoring involving Vision Analysis, Responsibility Analysis, and Systems Analysis (see FAQ – Gestalt). If you are a Consultant and wish to participate in this very rewarding venture, contact us.

Step Forward will benefit you
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