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Frequently Asked Questions - Gestalt


What is Gestalt Enterprise Therapy?


One way of getting a handle on this, is to look at definitions for Gestalt, Gestalt Therapy, and Gestalt Enterprise Therapy which is, essentially, Gestalt Therapy as applied to an organization.

Gestalt - a structure, configuration, or pattern of physical, biological, or psychological phenomena so integrated as to constitute a functional unit with properties not derivable by summation of its parts (Merriam-Webster Dictionary).

Gestalt Therapy - a humanistic method of psychotherapy that takes a holistic approach to human experience by stressing individual responsibility and awareness of present psychological and physical needs (Encyclopedia Britannica).

Gestalt Enterprise Therapy – a method of assessing and formulating the holistic structure of an enterprise that takes a humanistic view of the enterprise as being a living being – initially created through the hopes and aspirations of one or more individuals, now maintaining its life through the cooperation of many - the physical wellbeing of which depends upon the harmonious inter-relationship of the individuals making up the organization who must, collectively and actively, seek to achieve the stated objectives of the organization. (see Why Gestalt Enterprise Therapy?)



What brings about Change in an Enterprise?


A consultant can introduce a variety of generic techniques and methods into an enterprise; but that does not guarantee success. The real seeds of change lie within the soul of the enterprise itself. These seeds will germinate and bloom under the expert intervention of a Catalytic Mentor, if there is total cooperation on a holistic basis, from all stakeholders.




What is a Catalytic Mentor?


A Catalytic Mentor is a Gestalt Enterprise Therapist. Catalytic Mentors guide their Clients to a point where the mentor is merely the catalyst and the Clients become radiant butterflies, freed from their constraining cocoons, achieving their destiny beyond their wildest imagination.



What is involved in Gestalt Enterprise Therapy™?


The following is a sample overview of some of the processes that may be pursued:


Gestalt and Vision Analysis
• Define the Vision
• Determine what motivated the Vision
• Explore the possibility that the Vision is merely a “safe can do” project
• Encourage a Dream phase
• Define “what’s holding you back”
• Make Dreams the Ultimate Vision

Gestalt and Responsibility Analysis
The “Who Is” Phase
• Reality check – who are the team players?
• Reality check – does “the boss” control them?
• Reality check – is “the boss” comfortable to share his Dreams with his team?
• Who is the real boss or are there many bosses?
• Who is the “soul” of the organization?
• Check for Silo or Holistic mentality!
• Who is the Chief Information Officer – does anyone care?
• Who is the “Controller”?
• Who monitors compliance – i.e. internal audit?

The “Who Does What How” Phase
• What do the individuals think – “are they in touch with themselves” – “… others”?
• My boss does not understand me or my workload – nobody cares!
• I could improve the quality and efficiency of my work if …!
• What is the relationship of individuals to their work environment?
• What is the quality of internal communication within and across hierarchical levels?
• Does anyone listen?

Gestalt and Systems Analysis
• Obtain Operations Manual, if any!
• Determine what is actually being done!
• Is this what “the boss” thinks is being done?
• Determine reasons for the divergence!
• Do the Processes conform to the Vision?
• What are the Symptoms?
• What is the Sickness?
• What is the Cure?

Gestalt and The Cure
Once the diagnosis is completed and a cure is agreed upon, the patient must swallow the pill; because it will and must impact the whole body. Catalytic Mentoring will help in this holistic process.


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