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Frequently Asked Questions - Technical


How does STEP FORWARD relate to Visual Basic, Access, etc.?


All of these products are software development tools designed for programmers. STEP FORWARD, on the other hand, is designed as a software development environment for virtually anyone that allows them to build information management and/or accounting systems (not write the code but rather construct them as with a Lego set).

The real difference that STEP FORWARD has to offer does not lie in WHAT functionality can be implemented (or to a lesser degree, HOW things are done) but, rather, in WHO can do it. If you look at the current trends in software development, you will quickly discover that the bulk of the cost of development is driven by the manpower required to build/customize the application.

While you can always hire a Consultant to configure your STEP FORWARD-based applications, you can also quickly learn to do it yourself. All you need is:
• a desire to empower management,
• an appreciation for the information needs of management,
• an understanding of the subject matter to be addressed,
• an understanding of the concept of flow-charts (or willing to learn them)
• the joy of being creative in a logical environment.

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