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System requirements for STEP FORWARD Client

Supported OS: Windows 7 or 10.

Getting going with the new installation of STEP FORWARD Client

1. Run installC.exe program. This will install STEP FORWARD Client into the designated directory.

2. At this point, the installation is almost complete, and you are given a setup panel with connection parameters:

The client connection parameters match those of the server. The Client IP Address can be left blank, except for those rare cases when the client computer has multiple network interface cards (NIC).

3. The default connection parameters match those that the Server uses for its own initial setup. The installer will place STEP FORWARD Client icon on the desktop:

4. Start STEP FORWARD. The login panel will appear:

Initially, there is no database to connect to, and the Administrator password is blank.

5. Press "Log in" button. Application Launchpad window is displayed:

6. At this point, you can create a brand new database and configure your application, or you can import one of the exported databases provided with this distribution:

If you choose to import the existing database, launch "Transfer Database" utility:

From here on, you are on your way to master the art of developing applications with STEP FORWARD.


STEP FORWARD Client creates an error log where the program activity and errors are logged. The log is saved in error.log file in the installation directory. When problems occur, this file should be mailed to us. Note that the error log is cleared when a new STEP FORWARD session starts. So, if a problem occurs and you decide to send us the error log file, do so before starting STEP FORWARD again.

Needless to say, a clear and detailed description of the problem (along with the error log) will go a long way towards the resolution of the problem. We always fix bugs. If the problem is reproducible (step-by-step description always helps), we fix it quickly.

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