Global & Subledger Template Palette

The Palette has four areas:

Pop-up List
This list contains names of all Global Templates created in a given database. When starting the configuration of a Client database, the Palette contains two lists: General list and UNTITLED (every new Template is given the temporary name UNTITLED); each of these is empty as no fields have been defined. The General list acts as a repository of all fields created under any Global/Subledger template name and as an inventory for reuse.

The temporary name UNTITLED will be replaced with the Name assigned to the new template as part of the Save process. Each saved template has its own tile (name tag) in the Palette's pop-up list.

This area has three columns: Grab, Name, and Type.

The Grab column depicts a field icon opposite each name. These icons can be dragged into the Workspace as fields in the template under construction. See adding Data fields as local or linked fields to the template.

The Type shows the Data type of the field.

Draggable objects
During the construction phase, new data fields may be created by dragging the field icon from the Draggable objects display, or from the Grab column.

All draggable objects are represented in the Palette as icons which can be dragged into the Workspace and fine-tuned with the Inspector. The draggable objects available for the Global or Subledger Templates are:
Data field
Detail field
View field

Field locations
When clicking on a field Name or Type in the Fields area of the Palette, the Fields location area will display the names of all Global Templates in which the selected field is used as a local or linked field. Links may be multi-level (hierarchical), with the last level being the template in which the field is local.

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