The Insert object permits the Procedure-generated insertion of a new row of data* into any database table shown in the Palette's Resources other than a Transaction table i.e. TXDetail or OpenItem.

* At the present time, only local fields can be populated by the Insert object. Linked fields are disabled in the Fields column of the Palette and cannot be made targets for receiving data. The reason for this is that linked fields do not carry any data in the table; rather, they contain pointers to rows in the source table(s) that feed the data into the linked fields.
As a partial remedy to this limitation, you can use Inherit from record with ID option (provided that the target database table already contains the desired linked data - test for it); if found, retrieve the record from the table and set the Inspector's field to the Record Id of the retrieved data.


Upon landing in the Workspace, the object will be displayed with two areas: a header field to receive the database table name and a body data line (for one field of the database row to be inserted) consisting of: Run-time switch +Value (incoming data), and In Field (target repository of the incoming data).

Resize the object to provide as many In Field's as are required to populate the new row of data to be added to the selected database table.

Since an Insert adds a new record into a previously defined database table, care must be taken to consider all of the fields of the destination database table. Utilizing the Inspector, any "destination" fields not specified in the Insert object can be either "Set to NULLs" or "Inherit from record with ID":

To specify the database table insert, with the resized Insert object selected (control points are visible):


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