This feature has a variety of applications and can be found under these trigger conditions

  Making Transactions as part of Transaction Procedures
Here it is used for a singular purpose: to create transactions for generated checks. In this setting the Make TX object has an Inspector view which allows the generated transaction to be defined as a Payment or a Discount transaction (to determine which of the two account number options, specified in the Accounts Chart Inspector, to use).

The following is a sample Check writing procedure for Accounts Payable (the vendor data is maintained in a Trade subledger database table):

See Check writing as part of the Accounting Data Entry Tools.
See the Open Items sub-view Check writing in Accounts - Chart - Inspector

Please Note:
The Palette offers four Special fields under Local Resources in regards to Check Writing

Making Transactions other than formal Check Writing
The Make TX object used in all other cases has an Inspector view which allows the complete definition for each field, of each record, in the generated transaction.

Look at an application that generates transactions utilizing a Global template with a Detail object.

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