The Detail object can be incorporated into a Global or Subledger Template. Only a single occurrence per Template is permitted i.e.once the Detail icon has been dragged from the Palette, its holding well is empty. The Detail object retrieves data from the Detail data field of the Template from which the Procedure is executed. It is organized along the same lines as the database Retrieval and Array objects in that it allows you to walk through the rows of the Detail field and inspect/use their contents in the Procedure (All rows retrieval). It also lets you calculate aggregates (sum, average value, etc.) over the Detail object's columns (Single row retrieval). These two options are selectable from the Detail object's Inspector.

To get the contents of the Detail field, drag the Detail icon from the Palette into the Procedure's Workspace, set the slots in the Detail object to the fields that you want to access (resize the Detail box vertically to add more slots). Fill the slots by selecting the desired data fields from the Palette's Main resources view:


When All rows are specified, drag the Next row? object from the Inspector and create a loop that will walk over the Detail object from top to bottom.

Fields retrieved through the Detail object can be used in the Procedure like other Template fields.

For an example of a small application using the Detail field look at Using the Detail object or read the Detail object explanation.


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