System state

This feature facilitates, as an option,  recreating reports according to a current or prior System state (this lets you be a quasi time-traveler).  The Palette enables access to the information contained in the System state database table as part of the Main resources view under Database - Source.

The System table tracks the closing and re-opening of Accounting Periods as it relates to posted transactions:

The System State should not be confused with the Accounting Period Version number  (see "close and re-open fiscal periods") as shown in the Fiscal Periods window. The System State is equal to the highest Version number. In our example above, this event occurred in Period 96/03. If you would look at the Fiscal Periods window for the above example the Version column would contain the following data for these four Periods:

96/01 = 2
96/02 = 1
96/03 = 3
96/04 = 1

The System table contains one record for each System State, consisting of these fields:


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