The Alert object produces a user-definable Alert Panel. Procedures can be set up to carry out error and status checking and displaying appropriate messages. Alert Panels come equipped with multiple (or none) dismissal buttons. Upon landing in the Workspace, it will be displayed with three areas:

Once engaged, an Alert Panel is dismissed by clicking one of the buttons. A dismissal button does not have to be directly connected to an Exit/Finish object. You can, for example, connect it to one or a series of executable objects to carry out whatever instructions you wish before exiting the Procedure.

The No buttons Panel style
One of the Alert Panel styles comes as No buttons. This No-button Alert Panel is triggered and dismissed from within a user-defined Procedure e.g. you may have created a Procedure that may "take too long" for an impatient observer: introduce a No-button Alert Panel into your Procedure at a point where the "long-winded process" begins.

If you run your Process in the foreground, the Alert Panel will be displayed with any appropriate message until the Procedure is completed or another section of flowchart within the same Procedure requires to display a window e.g. the Stop and show - multiple fields import option.

If your Process runs in the background, the message generated by the No buttons Alert Panel will be stored in the STEP FORWARD Server and can be viewed, while the process is running, by pressing the View button of the Saved Reports window.


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