The Array is a temporary, multiple field, storage device maintained in memory for the duration of the Procedure in which it is created (you can think of the Array as a virtual table in which all fields form one data row).

The utilization of an Array in a Procedure requires two Array objects: an Array In and an Array Out as shown in the example.

When the Array object is first dragged into the Workspace, it  is transformed into  the following executable object (of Array In type):

This causes the heading Arrays to be added to the Palette's Resources - Local and its first listing Array1 as also seen in the header area of the executable object. You can replace the generic name Array1 with something more appropriate to its purpose within the Procedure by double-clicking the name in the Palette (the same as is done for Variables and Parameters); this makes the name editable, now type your replacement text.

As seen, the executable object is first loaded with a single Field. To expand the object and add additional fields, select the bottom control-point and drag down until the required number of fields are obtained.

To populate the fields, you may specify Variables or existing database fields from the Palette.


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