Subledger Template

Subledger Templates/tables are similar to Global templates/tables in that their structure is based on the fields contained in the Template. All features of the Global tables are also present in Subledgers including linked fields to Global tables.

A subsidiary ledger (or Subledger) is a collection of kindred accounts deriving their existence from a single GL (Control) Account. Subsidiary Ledgers are not a requirement; rather, they help keep the General Ledger lean and efficient. Subledgers provide analytical capabilities which are normally not practical within the constraints of a General Ledger-only setting. Examples are:

Each of the examples given above requires supportive data that is sufficiently different that each one should have its own unique data input template (and underlying database table) including, perhaps, the number of digits making up the Subledger account number. STEP FORWARD does not restrict the user in any way. Subledgers may be created for any (or all) GL account(s) and their component parts and subnumbers can be unique for each of them.


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