Templates - Menus

Template > New

This is the default and loads the Palette, Workspace, and Inspector upon selecting one of the Template options listed under Architecture or the Report Builder - unless otherwise specified under Start-up mode in Preferences.

Template > Open

This displays the  Open X Template window (where X is the Template type i.e. Global Data, Subledger Data, Transaction, and Print) with an inventory of existing templates for your selection.

Edit > Undo, Redo, Cut, Copy, Paste

These tools are also accessible through buttons on the tool strip below the Workspace's Title Bar.

Preferences > Date formatsTime formatsYear 2000Start-up mode

Format > Font > (standard options)

Format > Layout > Group / Ungroup / Size to Fit

Format > Grid > Grid Panel / Turn Grid On / Show Grid / Align to Grid / Size to Grid

It is recommended that the Grid Panel be used. This enables the precise visual layout of templates

Format > Workspace > Make Wider / Make Taller / Size to Fit

Tools > Transfer

Enables Import and Export of Templates from/to other databases.

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