The Transaction Template Palette

The initial structure of the Transaction Palette contains two lists: General list and Common.

The Title bar reads Common Palette and the minimum required common fields, loaded into the Workspace, will be listed in the Fields area of the Palette.

The Fields area has three columns:

After completing the layout of the Common template and saving it, the list of Fields  will also be propagated into the General list.

From this point on, creating a new Transaction Template creates, in fact, an Extra Template. The Workspace will be preloaded with the Common fields in the same layout as the Common Template, the Title bar of the Palette will read Untitled Palette, and the Fields area will be empty (the Common fields, although included in each template, are never listed in the Palette views of the Extra templates).

Draggable objects
Extra fields can be newly created by utilizing the appropriate Draggable objects or dragging a previously used field from the General list (e.g. if Due Date is defined as an extra field, it should be created only once, even if it is used in different transaction templates). Database fields already in use in the template under construction do not display the field icon in the Grab column (i.e. you can't use the same field (as defined by its system name) more than once in the same template/database table).

Use the General list or create a new field?
Before deciding to create a new Data field (distinct system name), review your inventory of existing fields in the General list and, if you find something that you need, reuse whenever possible. Keep in mind that the Data type definition of reused fields is not modifiable. Therefore, if everything fits except the data type, create a new field. For example:

Problem: you have a text field of 15 characters called City (both in the System name and User name) but you need a City field with 30 characters.

Solution: create a new field with System name of City1, User name City, data type Text 30 max.

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