Creating a New (Extra) Transaction Template

STEP FORWARD's transaction data entry provides for account sensitivity through the introduction of multiple transaction input templates that can be automatically displayed in Accounting Data Entry window according to Trigger definitions set in the Template Inspector. Template triggers are based on account number ranges and/or source document selections. By definition, this means creating a template consisting of the Common fields to which we add Extra fields. These are any data fields which are not Common fields and do not form part of the Common Template. By definition, Extra data fields do not occur with each transaction data record.

STEP FORWARD has only one Common Template but it can have any number of Extra Templates which consist of: all Common fields, plus the user-defined Extra fields:

Each template containing Extra fields is:

Data captured through a template containing Extra fields has:

The following may help you visualize the concept:

As the Configurator you:


When we select the Templates > New  menu command after the Common template has been saved, an UNTITLED version of the Common template is launched. In the following example, we are "creating" a template for use with Purchase Invoices that require a field to hold the Due Date:

Testing the Template
Templates can be tested before they are saved and have Procedures attached to them. To do so, select the menu item Template >Test ...  (or press the Test template button in the toolbar) which will display a window with the actual image of the Input Screen based upon the template being tested. It will allow you to enter actual data including the validation of the account numbers, dates and fiscal periods, etc. However, being a test environment only, none of the data will be saved.

When the syntax check produces the No error message, save the template:

Please Note:
The convoluted Cursor movement (from GL Number > Description > Vendor # before it resumes the straight line path) is there for a reason. In our example we added a Procedure that is triggered by the Description field. The purpose is to type the Name of the Vendor, in whole or in part, into the Description and have the Procedure look up the Vendor Number.

Trigger Inspector View
Triggers apply only to Transaction Templates with Extra fields. This view is displayed whenever an Extra Transaction Template is newly created or recalled for modification (Template > Open).

The Account Number As Part Of The Trigger
The GL Accounts browser displays the complete inventory of Accounts from which the trigger definition can be selected:

The Prefix and Number can also be edited "in place" by double-clicking on the range cell in the Template triggered by browser. This way the triggers can be made of Prefixes and Numbers not yet found in the list.

The Source Document As Part Of The Trigger
A template can also be launched by reference to the Source Document either in addition to or in lieu of the Account/Amount triggering mechanism shown above. The default Scope setting is "Use in all Source Documents". When selecting the Use in selected Documents only setting, the view expands to display, in a scrollable area, all defined Source Documents. To restrict the triggering mechanism to one or more (but not all) Source Documents, select the applicable switch(es).


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