Account Chart

The Account Chart Builder Window
On first launching Accounts - Chart, the Account Chart Builder window will be displayed with all areas empty except for the first Prefix component column, if any, which displays all the Prefix  inventory items which have been established for it.

The Account Chart builder window contains:

Adding Accounts To Any Level
This can be achieved with the menu selection Chart > Add to Level. Selecting this menu option will display a submenu. If no item is highlighted in the Account Chart builder window, all submenu options are disabled except for the first menu item. The first menu item displays the name given to the first GL Prefix component during the Prototype definition process; if no Prefix is used, the first submenu item will be GL Account.

The Add Code window is displayed when selecting Chart > Add to Level > X or Next Level or GL Account (where X is the name of the first Prefix Component).

In addition, you can utilize existing Account Chart structures to mass-copy from one Component to another; e.g. assume that you have two Branches - A and B, both use the same set of GL Accounts. Here is an easy set-up method:

Take Note
The process of copying accounts is governed by settings of Account Chart Builder Preferences. These Preferences determine whether attached subledgers and account attributes will be copied from source to target.

Delete An Account Or A Selection Of Accounts
Any GL Prefix component, along with any hierarchical down-line extensions or, working the hierarchy backwards, any GL Account can be deleted from the Account Chart provided that the selected item (or any down-line, if applicable e.g. Subledger in the case of a GL Control account) has no saved transaction or subledger data. To delete a GL Prefix or GL Account:

Take Note
An item deleted from the Account Chart will be re-enabled in the "inventory" for the Account Number hierarchy from which it was deleted and will again be displayed as a selectable item in the Add Code window, whenever the Add to Level function is called up for that particular Account Number hierarchy.

To delete an account from the Inventory of Accounts, you must first delete it from the Account Chart and then delete it from the Prototype itself  (Accounts > Prototypes).

GL Inspector
To display:

The GL Inspector has three views:

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