GL Inspector - Miscellaneous View

The Miscellaneous view has three areas:

the Subledgers scrollable area (contains a single radio button "None" (the default) until the user defines Subledgers, at which time this scrollable area is expanded automatically to include each Subledger defined) see Establishing Subledger Control Accounts below;

Establishing Subledger Control Accounts
Each and every GL Account can be analysed by Subledgers, making the GL Account a Subledger Control Account. Each GL Control Account can have a different subledger format, unique for a given purpose e.g. Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, or any other analytical function.

Take Note
Subledgers can't be attached to GL Accounts (conversion to Subledger Control Account status) until Subledger Templates have been created (with Architecture > Subledger Templates) which are then listed as part of the inventory of Subledgers in the GL Inspector's Miscellaneous view.

To Update, Edit, Or Inspect Subledgers
Once a GL Account has been converted into a Subledger Control Account, the General Data Entry applicable to a specific Subledger Control Account can also be accessed from within the Account Chart function:

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