GL Inspector - The Open Items sub-view General

The default setting of the Open Item account switch is OFF. Setting this switch to ON will display the General subview and the tab for the Check Writing subview.

Open Items - General
has two areas:

the Primary item amount is pop-up list with these options:

Please Note:
on deciding upon the Primary item, consider the business cycle. Invoices usually precede payments and adjustments whether Accounts Receivable or Accounts Payable; therefore, in Accounts Receivable (an invoice is debited to AR) the Primary item when amount is selection should be positive and in Accounts Payable (an invoice is credited to AP) the Primary item when amount is selection should be negative.

Understanding the Matching Process
The "Open Item" matching process creates, within each "Subledger Control Account" definition, groups of unmatched items awaiting matching according to the following basic rules:

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