Account List

The Account List is a device to group individual General Ledger Accounts that have a meaningful relationship to each other for specific purposes.

These accounts can be sequential in the Account Chart such as Bank, Accounts Receivable, and Prepaid Expenses all combined in a List called Current Assets. Or they could be selected disjointedly e.g. you could have several Fixed Asset Cost Accounts, each followed by an Accumulated Depreciation Account; you could create a Fixed Asset List contains only the Cost Accounts and another List containing only the Accumulated Depreciation Accounts.

Account Lists can be used in Procedures to simplify the retrieval of data, especially if the accounts in the List are non-sequential i.e. retrieving Fixed Asset Cost Accounts would be accomplished with a single instruction as opposed to specifying a number of GL Accounts. In addition, if the use of the List occurs in a number of Procedures it is much simpler to update the Fixed Asset Cost Account List with a new account than to have to revisit all applicable Procedures and update each one of them.

The Account List functionality offers you two options:

Editing An Existing List
The Account List window displayed in response to making a selection from the Open Account List panel will have in its Title Bar: Account List X (where X is the Name assigned to the List during Save). You have several options:

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