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STEP FORWARD's Account Number structure can be a combination of a

In addition to the Account Number structure, Accounts > Prototypes > Zero-Balancing offers three options

Profit & Loss

The Prefix
consists of one or more segments preceding the GL Account for the purpose of narrowing down its usage. For example:  Wages (a GL Account) may be applicable to a number of Departments (a Prefix Component) within a business operating out of several Branches (another Prefix component) resulting in a Prefix/GL combination of:  Prefix = Branch+Department (concatenated); and the GL Account = Wages


The General Ledger (GL) Account
is an account which may or may not be preceded by a GL Prefix. It can be thought of as a Key and/or as a repository reference to accounting transactions carrying the same account number. GL Accounts are:

The Subledger Account
record should have, as its minimum, a Subledger Number and a Description. Subledger formats are defined using Subledger Templates that can have any combination of fields, provided that one (and only one) of them is a special Subledger # Data type.

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