Setting up the Prototype

The usage of the Prefix is optional. When used, you can specify for each of the GL Prefix components the:

The Level of the Prefix record is non-editable and determines the concatenated order of the Prefix components. However, the logical order (the order in which you record the Prefix components) is up to you e.g. in a multi-company environment this order is logical: Company+Division+Branch+Department. Whereas Department+Branch+Division+Company is illogical and would make it impossible to implement the provisions of the Zero-balancing by Entity option.

Before the Account Chart is created (the toggle button is entitled Create), the order of the Prefix segments can be changed by Control-dragging the rows of the Prefix Component name editor.

The Last Level of the Prototype lets you specify the GL Component name (e.g. GL Account) and the Code Size (number of digits) for the GL Component.

When the Account Prototype is defined, click on the Create toggle button in the top right corner of the window. This toggle button then changes its title to Destroy.

Changed your mind or made a mistake? You can destroy the Account Chart prototype structure by clicking on the Destroy toggle button in the top right corner of the window, and make your corrections. Please note that Destroy will no longer be possible after transaction data has been entered/saved.

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Establishing an Inventory of Accounts

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