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STEP FORWARD employs a "three-dimensional" design in its handling of the General Ledger Summary Table. Although the actual design is different, think of the table as a stack of spreadsheets with the columns representing data fields grouped by fiscal period and the rows identifying account numbers/names.

The Fiscal Period Setup definition is mandatory when the STEP FORWARD application being developed includes accounting data. It allows you to specify the:

However, when Accessories > Fiscal Periods is launched before any fiscal period data is defined, it will display the Setup and the Fiscal Periods windows. Once the initial setup is completed and saved, the Setup window becomes dormant and will not be displayed when selecting Accessories > Fiscal Periods. To enable viewing of the initial setup data, selecting the Periods > Setup menu item will display the Setup window.

When the fiscal years are first defined, the periods are flagged as Version 1 (see the right column of the Fiscal Periods window). The version number is incremented by one whenever a Period is Closed and additional data for the Closed Period "re-opens" it. All data entered will be identified by the current Version Number applicable to the Accounting Period involved as shown in the Fiscal Periods table.

Take Note
When multiple related companies are set up in a single database, they must all have the same fiscal year end. If year-ends differ, these companies must be set up in their own databases i.e. each database is governed by a single Fiscal Period definition.

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