Fiscal Periods window

the Period column segments the fiscal year into its allocated periods;

the Start date and End date define the first and last date of each allocated period. These two fields are editable and allow the user to define irregular cutoffs, if desirable (select the first desired fiscal period to select and change the period end day to the period cut-off day; STEP FORWARD will automatically adjust the period start day of the subsequent period). For example, you may want to have the December period go from December 1 to 24 and January from December 25 to January 31 - it's strange but doable;

the Status column will display a "closed lock icon" when a period is closed;

the Version column tracks the "Open/Close" cycles, with the highest Version Number in any fiscal year being the System State

Closing a Period
To close a period: select the fiscal period to be closed, then press the Closed radio button in the Current selection area of the window. When closing a given fiscal period, all preceding periods will be closed as well, if they have not already been closed.

A closed period can be re-opened by clicking on the Open radio button or during Transaction Data Entry. If a closed Period is re-opened during Transaction Data Entry, the Version number is incremented by 1 and the additional transactions being added to the previously closed Period are appropriately identified. Closing and opening a fiscal period from within the Fiscal Periods window does not increment the Version number.

You can close and re-open fiscal periods
as often as required. A closed Period can be re-opened through the Fiscal Periods option or from within Transaction Data Entry with varying results:

Add a Year
Select the Parameters > Fiscal Periods > Add year menu item to add another fiscal year to the Fiscal Year table. Repeat the process for each additional year.

Delete a Year
Select the Parameters > Fiscal Periods > Delete year menu item to delete a fiscal year from the Fiscal Year table.  The deletion commences with the last year in the table and deletes all periods set up for it. Repeat the process for each additional year to be deleted. The Delete year command will be refused by STEP FORWARD,  if data has been recorded in the database for the year in question.

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