Value Lists

The Value Lists feature enables the creation of lists of values for use in Transaction or General data entry. These values will be presented to the user as a pop-up list or combo-box (editable or non-editable) from which the data value can be selected e.g. a choice of pre-determined colors, sizes, salutations, etc. See Pre-determined data for the Text data type.

The nature of the value list restricts the definition of each value to a single string of printable characters as input to a single text type field in the input template/database table.  Look at Preferences.

Take Note:
Other single and multi-field pre-determined data options have been provided through these alternatives:

This window has two basic areas:

Order and Selection Enforcement
The order of the Value List items determines the order in which the items are shown by the pop-up list with the first item being the default selection. You may rearrange the existing order of the items: hold down the Control key, mouse-drag a List item up or down the list, and drop into the desired slot.

If you want to enforce the conscious selection of an item, you can use Select One as the first (default) value. You can then define a Template Procedure and test the completed record that a selection was in fact made (i.e. specific field value equal to Select One?) and display a user-defined Alert Panel (Alert Draggable object in Procedure Palette) with an appropriate message, if an error is encountered (selection still sitting at Select One).

To add a new Value List

To delete a Value List
(this is only possible as long as the List is not in use)

To edit an existing Value List

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