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Subledger Data Entry
Selecting Run-time - General Data Entry from the Application Launchpad will* display the Open Table panel:

* This depends on the setting of Preferences - Start-up mode (e.g. if it is set to Start with last opened table, then this panel does not come up). For our example, we selected the Trade Subledger.

The format of the Subledger data entry window is almost identical to the Global data entry window with the exception of the Set GL account button and the content of the Title Bar:

Menu Items

If the selected Control Account is set for Open Item analysis, the Tools > Inspector... menu item will be enabled. The default Open Item Match field and matching method (generate matching transaction) is defined with the GL Inspector for each GL Control Account. A Subledger account-specific override can be defined with this Inspector.

Selecting this Menu item will display the Inspector window, with two data areas:

The Inspector will display the Subledger Template Name in its Title Bar. The name shown below the Title bar is the User name assigned to the subledger field as part of the Template definition process (the System name is SF_SubledgerNumber). When a specific subledger account is loaded in the Subledger window, the subledger number will be appended to the User name. The initial default settings displayed are an exact match of the Open Item settings in the GL Account Inspector. The purpose of the Inspector is to enable the setting of exceptions for a given Subledger (e.g. Accounts Receivable / Customer). Thus the default setting in the GL Account Inspector could be "Document Reference - Hand-picked" but the exception setting for a given customer could be "Document Date - Automatically, sorted by match field."

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