Using Grids in the Workspace

Utilization of a Grid is mandatory with Print Templates and optional with Input Templates and Procedures. However, it is recommended that Grids be used in all cases, it helps create a precise layout.

While the use of a Grid in Input Templates and Procedures is less critical, it is important to understand the role that the Grid plays in Print Templates relative to the display of data. A Print Template's grid positions mark locations on the page relative to the page frame; they do not represent the number of characters that can be printed between the grid lines. Rather, the print field's outline shows the limits within which the field can print its contents.

The printed text prints on the Base line (the horizontal grid line) and aligns with the vertical grid lines:

However, beyond this, little can be said about location of the printed text: it is printed either until it is finished, or until it runs out of the space allocated within the print field (at which point it is truncated, if necessary, unless additional print lines are specified in the Field's Inspector view).

The pre-determined Grid density always generates a square grid pattern (e.g. the 8 / inch Grid density has a Grid spacing of H:9 and V:9).

To create a more compact layout capacity you may wish to try Grid density Other and set the Grid spacing to e.g. H:4 and V:9

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