Template Inspector - Attributes

The Attributes view controls the following features:

System name (see below)
User name (see below)
Data type
Input action
Mandatory Input
Show in TX Audit Control
Link to source

System name
When a Field is first dragged from the Palette into the Workspace, the System name and User name will be identical and consist of the word Field plus a number e.g. Field1. Both are editable and do not have to remain identical.

The System name (30 characters maximum) is the name used as the database column name for this field when the template is being saved and the database table is created - it is subject to the syntactical restrictions imposed by the database rules, such as not allowing embedded blank space(s) in the name, using only alpha for the first character, etc.; these restrictions do not apply to the User Name (should you desire to space out a multiple word System name, STEP FORWARD will replace your space(s) with an underscore).

User name
The User name (30 characters maximum) is the name that will appear as the title of the Field.

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