Search view

The Search view consists of a single scrollable area which shows all available fields, both user-defined and system fields, for the database table specified in the executable object.

To include a field in the Search criteria, drag the desired field tile above the text header Drag fields above this line. Once dragging is complete, the field name tile will display its four component parts:

The Search Key
replaces the Comparison Operator / Comparison Value pair with a single text string that encapsulates both the Operator and the Value. This string must be either hard-coded in the Comparison Value field, or formatted in the Procedure before commencing the DB retrieval and passed to the Comparison Value field in a variable. If this variable is also used as a Parameter, then at run-time this Parameter will be represented as a pair of pop-up lists with valid Comparison Operators and editable text field for entering the Comparison value.

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