Row processing view - the STOP and SHOW option

This feature can be used in all Procedures in conjunction with the Retrieval object's Query returns: Multiple Rows (all) and Multiple Rows (distinct only)).

The following flowchart shows a simple procedure that utilizes the Stop and show feature. This procedure is being triggered by the SP ID field of the Host Template:

The flowchart shows one stage in the Test mode cycle. The second (Stop and show switch On) Retrieval object (shown with a black border) has just been executed as shown in the Testing function ShowStop window and the retrieved data displayed the Retrieved Data window. Both windows are shown and explained in the next image:

Please Note:
If the retrieval finds only one row matching the search criteria, then the Stop-and show option does not take effect. In this case, the system simply assumes that the found row will be selected for processing anyway, and proceeds through the More rows found? No exit without stopping.

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