Mandatory input

The default is Off (No) with the exception of certain fields in the Common Template for Transaction Data Entry i.e. GL Prefix (if used), GL Number, and Period are Mandatory and can not be reclassified; the Document Date is set to Mandatory, but can be changed; Reference #, Description, and Amount are set to not Mandatory, but can be changed.

When the switch is set to On (YES), data must be entered into the field, so flagged, in order to be able to save the record or document as Completed.

In the event that the required data is not immediately available, the record or document can be saved but the status will be set to Suspended.

Suspended records or documents can be edited at a later time and Completed.

Show in TX Audit Control

If the Show in TX Audit Control switch is set, the data contained in this field will be displayed in the Audit trail window during Transaction data entry e.g. if the flag is set for a Customer Name field, the Customer's name will be displayed in the Audit trail window  in response to the Customer Number being entered.

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