The Security settings established on a field by field basis are being observed by STEP FORWARD during data entry as well as reporting e.g. if the Specific access setting is defined as No access, the data field will refuse the entering, editing, or retrieval of data to that User. The default access setting takes effect for those users whose Specific access has not been defined (e.g. the user was added after the Template containing the field was created).

Invisible ink
Keyboard input is represented by asterisks; the contents of the field cannot be copied-and-pasted into another (clear-text) field.

Encrypt when saved
The contents of the field will be saved in the table in an encrypted form that can only be decrypted by STEP FORWARD. Thus, retrieving the field's contents in the Data Entry modules or in the Report Generator will bring in the clear-text string, while any attempt to get at the field "through the backdoor" by using third-party DB access tools will only return the scrambled text.

You can combine
both options to set up sensitive fields, such as passwords.

Please Note:
The Administrator - User Security is an alternate method of setting the Security.


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