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The Entered documents browser is a component part of the Accounting Data Entry window and lists all Documents which are currently in volatile memory either because they have just been entered or because they have been loaded from the database table, using Find, for possible editing or review.

Document and Status are mandatory default components and are listed in the active column area of the Preferences' Document browser and cannot be removed. All other available columns are listed in the inactive column area of the browser (below the column separator line titled: Drag columns above this line). To include other fields in the browser drag them into the active column area. To eliminate any non-mandatory columns from the browser, drag the column out of the active column area.

Template fields (columns) listed from top to bottom in the active option area of the Preferences view are listed in the Entered documents browser from left to right.

Columns positioned in the active column area can be repositioned by dragging the column names within the active column area and thus reposition the columns within the Entered documents browser.

Please Note:
During Accounting Data Entry, selecting a Document in the Entered documents browser will cause its records to be listed in the Line browser.

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