The Title field is a static text field.

As used in Data Input Templates & Procedures
The Title object is a "text starter string" to create Headers or other explanatory descriptions for Templates and Procedures as a whole or any segments thereof e.g. template name descriptor, the purpose of a number of fields, etc. It can be visually enhanced through the selection of different fonts, and box borders selected from the Inspector's Style view.

The Title icon does not change during the dragging operation; however, it does become editable on landing in the Workspace. To use this "text starter string", follow these steps:

The editable Title field does not provide for automatic line wrapping. If the editable field was made taller than the final text requires, the field can be sized to fit by using the control points or by selecting menu item Format > Layout > Size to Fit (the field must be selected). Note that the field width does not change, and must be adjusted manually.

The resulting text can be modified with the Font tools (menu selection) and cosmetically enhanced using the Group menu item.


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