This is an optional terminating field for each template. It was provided to satisfy those users who prefer to revisit editable fields using the keyboard rather than the mouse.

For example: If this field is present in the Template and not suppressed by Preferences, editable fields will display their field number in addition to the User name. When the data entry process reaches the Change field (the Change field, if used, is always the last editable field in the chain of connected fields), the user can pause, review the entered data and, if an editable field needs correction, enter the field number into the Change field. This will place the cursor into the editable field and select the existing text in preparation for its replacement or correction. If the Change field is not present, use the mouse to select text in any field that needs to be changed.

Since the Change field can be suppressed with Preferences, it is recommended that each template be equipped with this feature. This enables all users to either use this feature or ignore/hide it during data entry.

Please Note:
When the Change field icon is dragged into the Workspace it leaves its holding well empty since only one Change field can be present in any one Template.


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