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These procedures, structured as executable flowcharts, are the brains of STEP FORWARD's Report Builder. They accept Run-time Parameters, retrieve data from database tables, carry out calculations, evaluate conditions to make decisions, and direct raw or formatted data to specific Print Templates in the process of building a report. The executable instructions take the form of graphical objects of various kinds that are connected by arrows (in the order of execution). The concept of an executable flowchart  provides virtually unlimited flexibility to design any complex Report.

An example of a simple Print Procedure
This procedure utilizes the "ReportDemo" Print Template that was shown as part of the Print Template explanation:

Clicking on the Test button allows Step-by-step (or full Run) execution of the flowchart instructions to test for accuracy and, by selecting the Report preview tab, for visual acceptability.

Creating a Report Procedure involves the same three windows as for other procedures (Global, Subledger, Transaction, User Functions, and Processes): Palette, Workspace, and Inspector. The component parts are, with a few exceptions, identical and have been dealt with elsewhere. To look at them (again), make your selection from the list of  review options shown at the bottom of this page.

The Palette
for the Report Procedure is different in the Local Resources area (as is the Palette for User-Functions) from the Palette data input template-based procedures, since no data input fields apply:

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