Run Reports

Report Submission
To run a Report, use the Report > Select menu item. If the Report takes run-time parameters, the Submission window shows one or more text fields where the parameter values are entered.

If the Run off line switch is On (checked), the report will be executed in the background, and its progress/final
status can be monitored in the Saved Reports window.

Saved Reports Window
This window lists the reports that have been saved in the database, or are currently running in the background.

While the report is running in the background, the Pages column shows the number of printed pages produced by the report. When such Report is finished, its Status changes from Running to Done, and it becomes selectable from the list.

After a Report is Done, it can be viewed or printed. The Status shows the last activity for each Report. Saved Reports are retained until manually selected and clicking on the Delete button.

To check the current status of a running Report, use the Refresh button, or set the window Refresh rate in Preferences.

Reports and Processes can be run in the background on a pre-scheduled basis. STEP FORWARD's Server regularly checks the scheduled jobs and submits them for execution at the required time.

Parameters (if any) that are used by the job are set as part of the schedule and passed to the Report/Process when the job is started by the Server. The Schedule options are easily defined as the view of this panel adjusts itself and presents various timing options to fit the Frequency selected.

Owner sets the identity of the user on whose behalf the job is executed. This in turn determines the security access level to the database tables that the job can use.


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