Print Template

Print templates take care of the visual aspects of the report, including, but not limited to, formatting of the text, alignment, assignment of fonts, etc. Print templates (forms) are collections of print fields that are laid out on a user-defined fixed grid of the Workspace and may be grouped together as Segments.

An example of a simple Print Template
The first image shows the visual rendition of the Template design upon clicking on the Preview template button:

Template lifetime
When a print template is called by the Report Procedure for the first time, through the Print executable object, it begins its life cycle that continues until the Procedure exits, or until the print template is terminated through the Terminator object.

During its life, the print template remains alert to the page-start and page-end events that may prompt it to activate its Header and Footer print sequences. If the template is explicitly terminated by the Terminator, and then is called again, its life starts anew; the template may again call its start-up Header (if it exists), and become responsive to the page-break events.

Topics of Interest

The Palette
The Workspace
The Inspector views of dynamic and database Print fields, by Data type
Print Procedures
Preferences - Start-up mode

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