Allocated Transactions

Accounts can be flagged to prompt the user for additional detail to automatically generate transactions on an allocation basis e.g. automatic allocation of Prepaid Insurance over the term of the policy (past and future or future only - see example below), or a Rent Deposit (the last month of a five year lease) to Rent Expense (or Accounts Payable) five years hence.

The Allocated Transactions Panel
is displayed during Accounting Data Entry upon entering an account number that was appropriately flagged and completing the entry

When first displayed, the Transaction Allocation panel looks like this:

In this example, we assumed that the Invoice was dated a few days prior to the Insurance Policy date (the Start date) since this is common business practice.

Please Note:
You can also enter the End date and it will calculate the Number of periods.

The Allocation Prototype Window
Pressing the Confirm button will display the Allocation Prototype window with the Common template fields displayed and partially completed (the layout of this window is an exact copy of the user-defined Common Template). You must specify the GL account number to which you want to allocate the original amount. You may also modify the Description to adequately describe the transactions that will be generated (e.g. "Prepaid Insurance Allocation" instead of "Invoice").

Document Date, Reference #, and Amount fields are locked and inherit their data from the originating Document record and the allocation calculation. When the editable data is completed, press the Enter button. This will generate the specified sets of allocated transactions and re-display the Accounting Data Entry window with the Document Completed (the Document lines browser will be empty and the Template view ready for the next Document to be entered. If you want to see the entered and generated records, select the Document listed in the Entered documents browser.


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