Audit Trail

Select the menu item Tools > Audit trail to display the Audit trail window which will list all data for fields defined as Show in TX Audit Control as part of the Architecture - Subledger Templates application. It is a floating window and will not be covered up by the Accounting Data Entry window. If selected, the Account name group (description of GL Prefix and GL Number) is the automatic default.

Additional user-defined data displays can be added from Subledger tables. See Show in TX Audit Control in the Subledger Inspector's Field-Attributes view, available for each field - including those that are links to Global tables.

Please Note:
The View field can also be used to display "audit and/or memo data" as part of the template (this requires a user-defined Procedure populating that field with data).  Why use a View field instead of the Audit Trail window? The Audit Trail window can be covered by other windows. The View field is part of the Template (input window) and can be positioned at any spot within the template design. There is no restriction as to the number of View fields used in any template.


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