GL Prefixes

When the Accounting Data Entry window is displayed, you can select the Tools > GL Prefixes... menu item to cause the GL Prefix Selector panel to be displayed.

Look up
When entering a GL Prefix which does not find a valid match, the Invalid GL prefix panel will be displayed, offering Lookup or Reenter.

If Reenter is selected, the incorrectly entered GL Prefix's text is selected (ready for retyping). Clicking on the Lookup button displays the GL Prefix Selector panel with all eligible GL Prefix selections for the currently active transaction input window.

Double-clicking on a selection will load the GL Prefix into the prefix field in the Accounting Data Entry window, as will making a selection and clicking on the Select button. If you have trouble locating the desired prefix in a long list of choices, type the known description into the Description lookup field and click on the Find button.

Please Note:
You can not add new GL Prefixes from within the Accounting Data Entry function. However, you can launch the Accounts - Prototype editor, without dismissing the Accounting Data Entry function, and make the desired update.


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