Subledger Editor

Displaying the Subledger Data Entry window during Accounting Data Entry
When the active record displayed in the Accounting Data Entry window contains a Subledger Number, selecting the Subledger Editor from the Tools menu will display the Subledger Data Entry window with the Subledger data, applicable to the transaction's Subledger Number, loaded. You can now edit the Subledger data displayed.

Once the Subledger window is loaded, the Subledger - Inspector menu item will be enabled. Clicking on it will display the Inspector Panel showing the default settings. When an existing account is loaded into the Subledger window the Inspector will display the match settings applicable to the displayed account. When adding a new account, the Inspector's default settings can be customized for the new account.

When entering a Subledger number which does not find a valid match, the Invalid account panel will be displayed, offering Add, Lookup, or Retype.

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