Scribe ad hoc reporting tool


SCRIBE is for...

  • Database Users
  • DBA’s
  • Developers

You want SCRIBE when...

  • you want to convert any kind of data into meaningful information (i.e. generate reports).
  • you want total control over layout and presentation for your reports.
  • you want to combine data from multiple and disparate databases into one or more reports.
  • you want to automate the production of reports.
  • you want to publish reports over the Web or e-mail them.
  • you want to do all of the above without having to become a programmer or struggle with SQL.

SCRIBE, The Report Generator
Powerful, Flexible, Ingenious

SCRIBE employs graphical programming
techniques that enable anyone to deliver
simple or complex reports.

SCRIBE is the first data visualization tool to implement the concept of "executable flowcharts". The flowchart defines the report logic, assembles data from various sources, including database retrieval, calculations, formatting of text strings, etc.

Upon saving the flowchart, it becomes the executable code that carries out the defined business logic at runtime.