Tutorial 15 - Headers For The GL Accounts

This is strictly a "cosmetic" feature that allows us to visualize all GL Accounts in logical segments.

1. Launch the Header function.
This will display the Account Headers window

To group a range of accounts:
drag-select the group.
The desired group should now be highlighted and the Range fields display:
from (implied) account number, being the first account number selected; and, the
to account number, being the numeric value X, where X = the GL Account number immediately following the highlighted group -1.
enter the Header and modify the Range, if desired; and,
click the Set button.

2. Drag-select the accounts that belong into the Current Assets section:

Please Note: The suggested Range is based on the GL Codes but these are usually inappropriate for the "picky" person e.g. you may wish to add another GL Account i.e. Cash and give it the number 101, without having to redo the Headers.

3. Modify the Range by changing 104 to 100 and 209 to 199.
Press the Set button.
Select the Fixed Assets accounts and repeat the process:

4. Provide all remaining Headers, for example:

Please Note: We left a gap between 250 and 299 (normally you have other sections such as Other Assets) to imply that we are planning ahead. You should too when you work on a real commercial setup.

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