Tutorial 17 - Source Documents

Sources define the documents, hard-copy or generated, from or through which accounting information is derived. To obtain a thorough overview, review the on-line Help on this topic. As indicated in the Help, most Source documents can be associated with a definition for its primary accounting purpose e.g. Purchase Invoices could be argued as always being a Credit to Accounts Payable, regardless of what was purchased or which Terms applied - even a C.O.D. (Cash On Delivery) is an Accounts Payable, just that it must be paid immediately.

In this Tutorial, we are setting up just a few basic Source Documents:

JE Journal Entry Primary Account: none Sign: Any
SINV Sales Invoice Primary Account: Prefix 1, GL 112 Sign: +
PINV Purchase Invoice Primary Account: Prefix 1, GL 308 Sign: -
CGC Computer Generated Check Primary Account: Prefix 1, GL 104 Sign: -
DEP Deposit Primary Account: Prefix 1, GL 104 Sign: +
Accept the Type Actual default setting, but select Done when... Running total is zero and When done... Save only for all Source Documents shown above.

1. Launch the Sources editor.
This will display the Sources window.
Press the New button and enter the first Source Document (JE), then press the Save button.
Please note:
The Prefix: *, GL: *, and $ Sign Any are the default settings i.e. any valid Prefix/GL combination (Debit or Credit) are acceptable.

2. Enter all remaining Source Documents. Just before pressing the Save button for the last Source Document (DEP), the Sources window should look like this:

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