Tutorial 39 - Creating a General Ledger - Trial Balance

Our example Report was configured with a set of three Print Templates and two Report Procedures (GLTB as main Procedure and GLTBFunction as the encapsulated Procedure). Both Procedures could have been combined as one; however, we chose the dual approach for ease of understanding.

A Trial Balance is a report that lists all active General Ledger accounts - normally on a Period-End basis, the format that you will use in this Tutorial. Simple Trial Balances show the Period End Balances only. The design that you will be creating is the Expanded format consisting of four amount columns: Opening Balance, Current Debit, Current Credit, and Ending Balance.

Exercise 39 - 1, Configuring a set of three Print Templates
Configure the three Print Templates shown below.

Name = GLTBH; Description = GL Trial Balance - Header & Footer (Header: Print in both cases - Insert 2 blank lines before printing the fields; Footer: Print when Template ends - Insert 1 blank line before printing the fields).
Name = GLTBB; Description = GL Trial Balance - Body.
Name = GLTBS; Description = GL Trial Balance - Section Header (Insert 1 blank line before printing the fields).

All three Templates have the same settings for:
Printing: Start on next available line.
Page Layout: Width = 11.00; Height = 8.5; Margins = 0.45 all four sides.
Grid Pattern: Grid density = Other; Grid spacing: H = 5; V = 12.

Date as at field is of Date type.
Current Date and Page # fields are System fields from the Palette.
BFWDdateDate, and BENDdate fields are of Date type (Mon D, YY).
ToTOB, ToTDR, ToTCR, and ToTEB fields are of Money type ( Formatting: Separate 000's by commas; Precision = 2 decimals; Sign = Keep except for ToTCR which is Ignore).

Due to the font size and the space occupied by the field borders of the Title/Print/System fields, the full field name text is not always visible. You can see it in the Inspector view and you can test the format and fit by clicking on the Preview (eye) button in the tool-bar area and see this image:

GL# field is of GL Account type.
Name field is of Text type.
Op Balance, Debit, Credit, and End Balance fields are of Money type ( Printing: Op Balance, Debit, and Credit have the If zero value, show as blank space switch checked; Formatting: Separate 000's by commas; Precision = 2 decimals; Sign = Keep except for ToTCR which is Ignore).

Section field is of Text type; Font Helvetica Bold 9.

Exercise 39 - 2, Configure a Report Procedure as Encapsulated Function
This Report Procedure (GLTBFunction) will be called for as part of the GLTB Report. It steps through the GL Summary table and retrieves monetary data for each Account Combination (Prefix - GL Number) as Out Parameters, for inclusion in the Body print line. The Functions call for simulated Posting.

Exercise 39 - 3, Configure a Report Procedure
This Report Procedure (GLTB) takes two Parameters: Current Start Period (CSP) and Current End Period (CEP). This allows the Current Debit / Current Credit combination to cover a single month (e.g. CSP = 99/01 and CEP = 99/01) or several months (e.g. CSP = 99/01 and CEP = 99/03). The Inspector settings for the two numbered Retrieval objects are shown below the Procedure.

Retrieval 1:
Retrieval: Multiple rows (distinct only)
Sort: GL Prefix ASC
Retrieval 2:
Retrieval: Multiple rows (all)
Search: GL Prefix = AcctName.[GL Prefix]
Sort: GL Number ASC

Exercise 39 - 4, Test the GLBT Report Procedure
The finished report should look like this (partial view only):

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