Tutorial 6 - General Data Entry

You set up your first city record (Calgary, AB, Canada) in Exercise 2 - 3. Now we will add other cities but we'll show you how to do that indirectly through the effort of adding records to the Name table. Set up the following names & addresses. Launch the General Data Entry function and select the Names Global table. Before you proceed, note the comments below the list of five names and addresses.

Mr. Terrence Cole E-mail: cole@slaw.com
331 Parkridge Green SE Telephone: 403-278-4952
Calgary, AB, Canada Fax: 403-2784911
T2J 5G1
Mrs. Nancy Leathley E-mail: nancy@gatorsgate.org
1509 Pine Street Telephone: 5047891598
New Orleans, LA, USA Fax: 5047892587
Aquila Energy Corporation E-mail: aquila@oil.com
17 Veronese Court Telephone: 8134582547
St. Augustine, FL, USA Fax: 8134582569
Marakon Solutions E-mail: solutions@unlimited.com
3700, 400 - 3 Ave SW Telephone: 4032503588
Calgary, AB, Canada Fax: 4032503600
T2P 4H2
Putumayo Production Company E-mail: mayo@pictures.com
GPO Box 363 Telephone: 61658523214
Brisbane, QU, Australia Fax: 61658523216

You will have no problems with the first record; however, when setting up the second record, you will be informed that the city New Orleans found No match. Click on the Add new button and the input window for the City table will be displayed with New Orleans pre-loaded in the City field:

Complete the City data entry and Save (this is the indirect update of the City table). This will return you to the Names data entry window with the City, St/Pr and Country loaded. Complete the Zip, E-mail, Telephone, and Fax fields and Save. Repeat the process for the remaining names and addresses.

Before leaving this exercise try your hand at retrieving saved data into the General Data Entry window for review, corrections, etc.:

1. Click on Find and complete the Search Criteria and Sort Order in the Find records window; when done, click on the Do button:

This will have loaded the data, fitting the Search Criteria in the specified Sort Order, into the scrollable area of the General Data Entry window:

2. Click on the first data row to load the information into the fields of the data entry area.
Please Note: The columns shown in the scrollable area are controlled as to inclusion and positioning through Preferences > Data browser.

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