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STEP FORWARD deployment configurations

STEP FORWARD can be deployed on a single computer, on a Local Area Network or across the Web.


In the most simplistic case, both STEP FORWARD client and server can run on the same computer, with the database possibly running on its own database server, as in the figure below:

Figure 1. Client and server run on the same host

Private LAN

In a multi-user environment on a private LAN, STEP FORWARD server can run on a dedicated host, with the clients connecting over the network:

Figure 2. Clients distributed over LAN

Application Service over the Internet

In this scenario, STEP FORWARD Server host should be protected by a firewall. The firewall hosts the STEP FORWARD Proxy - a separately installed connectivity software that serves as a bridge between the firewall's private and public interfaces. The clients connect to the server over the Internet using STEP FORWARD Client software.

Figure 3. Clients distributed over the Internet

Application Service over the Internet with client-side firewalls

STEP FORWARD Clients can connect to the Server from behind their firewalls. In this case, the clients should be set up to use specific ports (different port for each client), and the firewall will have to be configured to allow incoming connections to those ports, as in the following figure:

Figure 4. Clients behind the firewall

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