STEP FORWARD (“SF”) is a user-definable Information Management and Accounting System. The “Church_Demo” database is a sample configuration for a not-for-profit organization based upon a live database application actually configured for and used by a church in Calgary, AB, Canada. It is being offered to interested parties as a “sandbox” to play in as they try to experience some of the functionality of SF.

However, SF is rich in functionality and configuration tools and it is virtually impossible to create a demo application that provides a total overview of all that SF can help you achieve.

In this sense SF can be compared to a LEGO set that provides functional components of a model but does not impose restrictions on what kind of model can be built with it.


The login and password are provided on demand

Once logged in, the Application Launchpad is displayed:

The Launchpad displays all the options available to the User under these main headings:

Architecture; Accounts; Accessories; Report Builder; Process Builder; Production; and Administrator.

Clicking on “Help” will give complete access to the “On-line manual” for a detailed explanation of each aspect of STEP FORWARD.

The following explanations are somewhat superficial from a systems point of view and specifically focused on the Church_Demo database (“CDD”) configuration.