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STEP FORWARD Product Options

is an application development tool that can be licensed according to implementation options suitable to your immediate needs. Upgrade to a higher implementation option is accomplished by purchasing the commercial license.

STEP FORWARD Commercial or Non-commercial
The Non-commercial STEP FORWARD license is subject to networking connectivity restrictions. The commercial trial period is 30 days and is unrestricted.

Commercial Pricing
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STEP FORWARD-based Gratis Applications

We are developing a number of STEP FORWARD-based applications that will be listed in our download page. These Gratis Applications will be added to and/or modified from time to time; so visit our Site regularly to see what is new. They can be used “as-is” or modified by you to suit. However, they do not carry any guarantee as to suitability or marketability, for any purpose.

Installation Prerequisite

STEP FORWARD is protected by International Copyright Laws and the Trade Secret Laws of the various international jurisdictions. STEP FORWARD is provided in an installation file that clearly and obviously states that if you proceed with the installation, that you concur with the Licensing Terms and agree to be bound by them. You may view these Non-commercial Licensing Terms before commencing the download or before initiating the installation run.

Technical Requirements

Supported OS:
Windows 7 and 10.

Supported databases:

MS SQL Server, Oracle, McKoi.
(McKoi is a fully-featured relational database, written in Java, and is distributed as part of installation.*)
Support for other databases is pending and will be implemented on a demand basis.

*Please note: You can carry out your development work in a supported database other than the supported database that you or your client wish to use for production purposes. STEP FORWARD allows you to export your configured tables and procedures into a file and then import them into another supported database.

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