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STEP FORWARD is a tool for developing information management and accounting systems using graphical programming and high-level abstraction techniques.

STEP FORWARD is a bridge between computer programming and business process engineering, offering the best of both worlds to seasoned programmers and rookies, business managers and accountants, consultants and system integrators. Formal programming skills are not required.

STEP FORWARD enables users to produce professional quality applications with a highly interactive and intelligent Graphical User Interface, data integrity controls of any degree of complexity, a custom-designed relational database, automated execution of business processes, generated accounting transactions, and flexible data mining facilities.

STEP FORWARD applications are assembled from an inventory of prefabricated building blocks that cover a wide range of functionality, to build data input forms, executable flowcharts, drill-down reports, and other controls when applicable. It also allows traditional, language-based, custom-developed code to be incorporated into the applications.

Because of its highly graphical and intuitive nature, full-featured STEP FORWARD applications can be built in days and weeks instead of months and years. Routine, but time-consuming and error-prone development steps, such as the construction of GUIs and database SQL queries are automated by STEP FORWARD, while still providing low-level control for expert users, thus eliminating the toughest bottlenecks in the application development process. Graphical flowcharts, encapsulating business logic in the most visual form, are automatically transformed into executable code and can be traced step-by-step, verifying the logic while still under construction - and without writing a single line of code.

STEP FORWARD is capable of not only performing routine information management and reporting tasks, but it can also run as:
an application server
The applications configured with STEP FORWARD can be accessed by remote clients that have STEP FORWARD Client software installed, delivering the full spectrum of STEP FORWARD functionality, including data entry facilities, reports and graphical programming tools anywhere on the Internet.

In addition to this, STEP FORWARD's graphical nature, with its rich feedback and data tracing capabilities, turns it into an excellent teaching tool for would-be programmers, regardless of academic status.

Various deployment configurations of STEP FORWARD can be seen here.


We have provided a few video clips that you may view in order to get a preliminary understanding of the concepts employed in STEP FORWARD. Enjoy the show.


Whether or not you decide to view the videos, you can experience STEP FORWARD on your own computer, without cost or obligation. Download it

Video Clips
Creating simple template

Creating complex template
Creating template procedure
Creating a user function
Creating loading procedure
Creating print template
Creating simple report
Creating complex report
Creating a drill-down report
Web-based reports
Putting it all together
On-line documentation
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